Jasmine at 'Pretty Chuffed' talks Stylefeed

Editor's Note: We are completely in love with Blogger Jasmine Hunt of Pretty Chuffed! Here is a snapshot of what she said about us! Click the link for the full review and to read Jasmine's other Fashion Blog's perfect for mums.

Stylefeed Zip Front Breastfeeding Dress | What I’m Wearing

NOVEMBER 21, 2016 by Jasmine Hunt

......'I came across this gorgeous chambray/leopard print dress on Instagram and at first I did not realise it was a breastfeeding specific item. I’ve mentioned before that I’m usually not too keen on ‘nursing specific’ clothes as they’re usually made for maternity first, and feeding second; and to be honest most of them are not very fashionable, and are not designed with a post-baby body in mind.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I found Stylefeed! This Brisbane-based label is doing fashionable nursing-wear at a great price. The dress I’m wearing in this post is $69, which I think is well worth the cash. It can be worn long after feeding stops, and is a light, comfortable, yet quality tencel which means I’ll be wearing it summer with sandals, and winter with a leather jacket and ankle boots!

The internal panel sets this dress apart from the other zip front dresses you’ll find on the market – it’s designed to allow you to feed whilst not exposing your whole bust area. I’m still feeding my one-year old and found it easy to feed in, and the panel meant I didn’t feel exposed whilst unzipping in public." (click on link to read the rest!....)