Claire Milligan, founder and designer of new breastfeeding fashion label STYLEFEED, explains what inspired her to launch the clothing line + why mamas are HAPPY she did.


The idea came to me when I was breastfeeding my first son four years ago. I was in love with my new baby but also sleep deprived, overwhelmed and constantly breastfeeding! After nine months of pregnancy, I wanted to wear something that made me feel like me again while still allowing me to breastfeed. Faced with limited options and hearing the same frustrations from friends, I became passionate about the idea of creating a line of fashionable breastfeeding clothes. Stylefeed is for women like me who want to celebrate their new identity as a mother without sacrificing their sense of style.

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Jasmine at 'Pretty Chuffed' talks Stylefeed

"The internal panel sets this dress apart from the other zip front dresses you’ll find on the market – it’s designed to allow you to feed whilst not exposing your whole bust area. I’m still feeding my one-year old and found it easy to feed in, and the panel meant I didn’t feel exposed whilst unzipping in public." Jasmine Hunt, @prettychuffed

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THE SUN, U.K. spreads the news Stylefeed has launched!

“I was surprised by the lack of choice for breastfeeding clothing generally but particularly by the limited options for young mothers like me who enjoy fashion. “I was inspired by my own experience and the difficulty I faced finding stylish clothing options that I could also feed in.” Claire Milligan, Founder

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