Trust Your Instinct.

I have a confession to make: I’m not great at trusting my intuition. You know that feeling you get deep down in your gut that tells you whether you should go for something or run for the hills? I’ve never been awesome at harnessing it and using it to my advantage.

Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to trust that little voice inside me and a recent event made me realise my effort is paying off. So many of Stylefeed’s amazing customers have told me they love our Thea dress but want to see it in more colours. Because we pride ourselves on designing unique pieces that are both classic and on-trend (yep, we have high standards over at Stylefeed HQ!), we decided to go for attention-grabbing emerald green.

We found the perfect shade and were in the process of manufacturing a bulk order when I struck a problem. A supplier saw the dress and told me that green wouldn’t sell.

Uh oh. I began fretting about the colour - the gorgeous shade I painstakingly selected and fell in love with - and began completely questioning my judgement. Was she right? Was green the wrong choice?

I immediately spiralled into self-doubt and cancelled the order. Then, a little voice inside me still wasn’t convinced emerald was a bad colour choice so I went to YOU via our Instagram stories to find out. Our Instagram poll revealed that over 80% of you wanted to see Stylefeed’s emerald green Thea dress in store. THANK YOU!

I was completely reassured that we needed to pick up production right where we left off.  After our first day of sales of this new colour we were reassured we had made the right decision.

This is all confirmation that I need to trust my instincts, and thank Instagram polls for existing! I loved the new Thea dress and was sure other women would too. Those little moments of doubt? I will tell them to get lost and keep doing what I love - creating garments that breastfeeding women can look and feel great in.

While I might have a little way to go in trusting my gut instincts, and seeing if they pay off, this decision has given me confidence that I know what’s best for my beloved Stylefeed brand and to take the risk!

Do you ever struggle with listening to your instincts? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page @Stylefeedau or here in the comments!

Here are some of our influencers wearing the new Emerald T-shirt Dress.

Thanks for reading. Claire x


"My new fave, love this dress."

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Perth, W.A.


"Green is my fave colour and I love this Emerald colour stripe."

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Brisbane, QLD