How my Stylefeed Thea Striped dress has been my saviour through two breastfeeding stints.

Editor's note: We had such an overwhelming response from Founder Claire Milligan's blog on her breastfeeding journey. Thank you to Annie from the @theloudmum for writing to us and sharing your story. This is what it is all about for us at Stylefeed - supporting each other as mothers and also as women with an independent identity and our own set of needs. xo

By Stylefeed Customer, Annie @theloudmum. Brisbane, Australia.

My firstborn decided to show up at 37-weeks, which was a little surprising to say the least. As a new mum, I was a deer in the headlights from that moment onwards. When it came to breastfeeding though, I felt lucky - my babe drank easily from my breast. That is, until my milk flooded into my boobs on day 2.

According to my husband, I went into the hospital bathroom looking normal and came out 10 minutes later looking like Dolly Parton! My engorged breasts were so big my nipples were stretched flat, giving my baby no ability to latch. Cue: The breastfeeding week from hell.

I desperately wanted to breastfeed and I had a whole milk factory’s worth of liquid gold to provide, so I was determined to persevere. After a few days of squeezing my tender breasts to release some of the pressure, tears, pain, forgetting I had no top on 99% of the time, frustration and joy, we eventually got there. My little one latched!

Then just like that, it was time to go home.

After jumping my first breastfeeding hurdle, I immediately came up against a second. “Why oh why are breastfeeding clothes so ugly?!” I thought to myself as I walked through the big retailers, desperate to find stylish clothes I could feed in.

I quickly realised that “breastfeeding” and “fashion” weren’t words that usually featured in the same sentence together. The only options available were bulky, shapeless, unflattering, plain, colourless and hard to navigate. All I needed were a couple of nice outfits to breastfeed in when guests came over, or if I left the house, was that so much to ask?!

After a couple of weeks nesting inside with my new bub, I felt strong enough to leave the house. I threw a shirt over my maternity bra and headed out to a cafe. “Here we go,” I thought to myself nervously as my baby showed signs of being hungry. After struggling to unclip my strap from my bra, pulling up my shirt and struggling to get him attached, I was certain most of the cafe patrons got a large side serving of boob with their flat whites.

From that moment on, I was determined to find stylish breastfeeding clothes that would allow me to feed anywhere, anytime, privately and comfortably. I found Stylefeed’s brilliant Thea Stripes dress and it was love at first wear. My breastfeeding dilemma was solved.

Not only could I breastfeed comfortably, I felt great while doing so. Addicted, I then bought the Francesca Chambray dress and the Daisy Gold long sleeve dress for winter. They were my go-to for day and night, at home or out.

In fact, three years later, as I held my perfect newborn in my arms ready to leave hospital for the second time, I was dressed in my Thea Stripes dress. Yes, my breasts were engorged. Yes, I was sore. Yes, I was nervous. But yes, I was ready to do this all over again.

Stylefeed breastfeeding dress
Thea Stripes Breastfeeding Dress

We change so much when we become mothers, but what doesn’t need to change is making ourselves feel good, look good and rocking our incredible bodies that made babies.

Thank you Annie!

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