When youth worker Claire Milligan became the mother of a bonny baby boy, she soon encountered a problem that wasn’t quite as cute. The result? A fashion designer was also born.

In order to breastfeed her son with her modesty intact, Claire had to choose between daggy nursing clothes or tediously covering herself with a muslin cloth. Stylish breastfeeding clothing? Like newborns who sleep through the night, it simply didn’t exist.

With a belief that every mother should be able to breastfeed in clothing that makes them feel confident and empowered, Claire created Stylefeed in 2016 to rapturous applause.

Our Australian-made brand has quickly become a go-to for women and mothers around the country and across the globe. The secret? Stylefeed has managed to master a timelessly chic aesthetic without compromising on quality and comfort.

Inspired by the stylish and relaxed vibe of Brisbane, Claire’s hometown, Stylefeed’s classic silhouettes, statement prints and everyday basics have been welcomed into women’s wardrobes with open arms.  

Our signature zip front dresses feature an inner modesty layer that give women the confidence to breastfeed on-the-go; anywhere from the cafe to the lounge.

“Stylefeed’s philosophy is built around women celebrating their new identity as a mother without sacrificing their sense of style,” says Claire.

All of our garments have been carefully curated to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle during breastfeeding and beyond.