Stylefeed is inspired by simple design principles that ensure comfort, feeding access and classic styles to work with different wardrobes, body shapes, colour schemes and stages of mum life. Stylefeed is about slow fashion and takes our responsibility seriously to create sustainable clothes with natural fabrics, good working conditions for employees and our manufacturers. We only partner with ethical factories around the world.

We lovingly package each order in plastic-free packaging and send them to you in our biodegradable compostable post bags from our fabulous Stylefeed HQ, on the east coast of Australia.




Claire Milligan is Stylefeed founder, creative director, wonderful mother, down to earth and fun loving human, living life to the full and putting family, friends, herself and everything Stylefeed first – never sweating the small stuff.


Claire is passionate about sustainable fashion, women supporting women, quitting that ‘mum guilt’ and learning how to take some time out for ourselves or as the phrase goes, embracing ‘self care’.


“We need to quit that guilt and know that we are not alone. I have started the vision for a clothing brand, but I also want a platform where we can embrace motherhood, retain a sense of self and style and create a place of support for women and other brands with the same ethos as ours.”


In 2016 and after the birth of her second son, Claire took the giant leap to launch a clothing label for mothers. It primarily started for new mums beginning their feeding journey, but is developing into a brand for mothers at all stages of motherhood. Claire wants her pieces to be worn for years and be that timeless garment in your wardrobe. 


"I love to look stylish but as a mother, I need to be comfortable. I love great basics that can be mixed and matched and allow me to create a sense of my own individual style. I love using colour and accessories to express how I'm feeling on a particular day."

We hope you find inspiration and support behind our pages.


Thank you. xo