Fashion in Prahran

After the past 2 months of living in Prahran, Melbourne, Scott & I are pretty well schooled on the fantastic shops sitting on our doorstep that we’d like to share with you.

Similar to the slightly more bohemian Fitzroy in the north, Prahran has a plethora of hipster based shops all within a stones throw from each other. So, if you fancy a potter to the shops and the hustle and bustle of the CBD isn’t for you, then i’d recommend a short tram rids south of the river for a more alternative shopping experience.

For the Girls

Olga De Polga - A kitch little store with a lot of character. This Uk based label fits in well to the style & quirkiness of Chapel Street

olga de polga melbourne

Alphaville – Making a slightly smarter stance on the street, Alphaville (Alpha60) has more of a Zara-esque vibe to it, with clean cut lines it’s a great find for anything for when you’re after event type clothes rather than your day to day.

Alphaville Melbourne

For the Boys

Aquila Shoes - One of Scot’s favourite, great shoes for the more dressy occasion.

Aquilla Shoes Melbourne

Peter Werth - Probably one of the newest additions to the street, this store is more for the business casual trendy-about-town than your run of the mill hipster (and the price tag would be sure of that).

peter werth melbourne

For Both

American Apparel – No trip is not complete with a look around the godfather, American Apparel. Enough lycra and body warmers to clothe a dance school. It’s good fun, if only for comedy value.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 18.38.02

Fat – Probably one of my favourite Australian stores that i’ve been introduced to since being here. The clothes scream hipster, but in the best possible way.

Fat Melbourne


  1. Olga De Polga is actually Melbourne based now. :)

    Have you checked out the new Little Land Lost store yet? It’s technically Windsor but close enough.